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I used to be a bit of a “Stick In The Mud” kinda guy where I believed that there was a dividing line between photographers and videographers and the two art forms should never meet.
Then came along cameras that could record video as well as take pictures but to me, at that time I was very cautious on where the main technological innovations were focussed on in one unit, the camera side or the video side - most of the videos I saw from these early DSLR adoptions never really seemed to be as high a quality as the stills side – until now!

With a recent camera upgrade and the ability to take 4k video as well as full frame sensor technology employing amazing dynamic range, it would seem silly not to use both technologies to their full potential, so below are a few examples of assignments we’ve been involved in. We have more to come, some we can show, some we can’t but we’ll be advertising our videography here to give you an idea of some of the services we cover.

Ann Evans from Newtown Heritage Hub invited G17 to come along to photograph and interview key people who would be at the event in the amazing Pryce Jones building. The event was to celebrate the 4 pioneers of Newtown with Laura Ashley being a key figure on that day.

Ann said there would be many people there who had grown up working for Laura Ashely and would be bringing along items they had kept as momentous. Ann had arranged a couple of interview rooms for me to work in which we tried but it lacked impact, so I suggested carrying out the interview on the floor and have visitors in sight of the people being interviewed to give a more natural feel which Ann thought would work.

So, a suitable place was found, camera and lights set up ready to go and a question card was provided for me to ask questions from. The question card soon became more of a guide to structure the interview as each and every one interviewed free flowed into their amazing experiences working in what was becoming obvious from the start, the “Laura Ashley Family”

Once completed, we edited the outtakes and sent across to Ann for her to provide to her publishing company for further editing. 

Rorrington Hall wedding required drone footage to enhance the services they offered and to add to their library of videos on Youtube. G17 has worked closely with Ann at Rorrington Hall in the setting up of this brand-new venture, from website design and provision to photography content for their advertising and Ann thought drone footage of the venue would be a great addition to their online presence.

Paul Morris, our registered and licensed drone master came along with his drone and spent half a day with Ann capturing and reviewing footage of the venue from various angles. Once completed, footage weas edited and various takes sent to Ann for her approval before being packaged up to load on her website and use for various advertising campaigns.

The Castle that towers above Montgomery succeeded the motte-and-bailey castle at Hendomen about 1 mile to the north-west after 1233.
The situation for the site of the new castle was stronger, steep rocky outcrops made for a more defensive building that was military fashionable. The new castle was built during Henry III's campaign against Llywelyn ap Iorwerth in whose hands Hendomen had left but whose fidelity had been rendered questionable by his siege, early in 1233, of Builth Castle.

A gentle flyover Montgomery Town Square on a  lazy Easter Sunday where all kinds of people come to enjoy the atmosphere and the Antiques and Collectors' Fayre which is a regular event at this time of year

Oriel Davies Craft & Workshop Weekend

It was great to get involved with Criw Celf back in July last year at the invitation of Kate from the Oriel Davies Galley in Newtown. Kate was looking for photography and videography coverage over a weekend of arts and craft activities that would involve basketry and textile workshops and a mock joust with hobby horses made by the participants at the beautiful location of Gregynog Hall.

After a few email exchanges, site visits for risk assessments, permissions gained for Drone work and flight plans detailed, everything was set for an exciting weekend of documentary photography.

To find out more, please visit our community page and the Oriel Davies section here: Oriel Davies


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